Kiev Museum of Dreams
Visit to the Dream Museum.

Visit to the Dream Museum.

"About Dreams".

Every Sunday,
from 13:00 to 14:00
Dream Museum runs an excursion.

Visitors will learn:
- about the dream phenomenon;
- explaining how people explaining and interpreted the meaning of dreams in different cultures and at different times? (Ancient Egypt, Ancient Greece, the Mayan civilization, the Middle Ages, modern times, etc.)
- what theories that explain the dream exists in contemporary culture (science, philosophy)?
- 20 facts about dreams;
- about the most common subjects, images and sensations in a dreams.

Also, visitors will get a response (within the psychoanalytic theory):
- how to analyze your dreams;
- the reasons of recurring dreams;
- why we have nightmares, etc.
- what free association is?
- what the dream language and dreamwork is, or how we fantasize and think in a dream?

Visitors will be able to ask questions
and share their own dream experiences -
tell them, write or draw on paper.

Entrance: 50 UAH
Ticket for two: 80 UAH
For pensioniers and students: 30 UAH

On issues of group tours organization, please contact us:
tel .: +38 066 596 85 35
+38 097 558 12 17

In Dream Musuem runs "Kid′s Day", where children can learn about the dreams and make there own Dreamcatcher. Read more here.