Kiev Museum of Dreams
K99 presents the course

K99 presents the course "Say "Hello!" to the art."

On Saturdays the new stories about art.

Want to know more about the art, but you′re afraid to get stuck
in the excessive volume and forced memorization of the material?

This course, consisting of 21 meetings - is a good start.

On the course you will:

  • Learn how to navigate in time periods and styles;
  • Be able to practice to form your own taste
    and get a personal opinion about the art;
  • Learn how to analyze what you see around you;
  • Be able to talk about the art: describe and compare.

Original course is entertaining, with the assistance of the actual material, richly
illustrated, gives knowledge of art history, including the history of architecture,
sculpture, painting, clothing of all nations from ancient times.

Author of the course - founder of the Dream Museum Tatiana Tsvelodub,
art critic and psychoanalyst.

Tickets: 70 UAH.
For students and pensioners: 40 UAH.
(you have to show a document).

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