Kiev Museum of Dreams
The pages of non-existing book "DeepSleep". A fragment.
Hennady Chernega..

The exhibition - performance NightmareArt!

21 October - 2 December 2012.
Saturday, Sunday from 14 p.m. to 18 p.m.
Admission: 50 uah.

The Museum of Dreams in Kiev opens its doors!

Now every person can peep into her own dreams and transcend the limits of the reality and dream.

The Dream Museum invites to the exhibition - performance NightmareArt - other side of nightmare. The disturbed dream is under art-research at Kiev Museum of Dreams.

The Kiev Museum of Dreams is grateful to artists for the artworks:

Tatyana Galochkina. "The games with cheetah" (canvas, author technique);

Kateryna Balytska. The installation "The artist NightmareArt": "Thing of nothing",
"Self-sufficiency", "Half-sleep, half-awake", "Hide and seek" (canvas, oil);

Anna Vorozbit. Triptych "Roads of recollection" (graphics);

triptych. Photography. The pages of non-existing book "DeepSleep";

as well as:

Andrey Sydorkin, sound installation "museum.mp3";

Graphics of Mark Verlan. Installation "Delight", "Falling into dream",
quadriptych "Potatoes digger" (etching). "Apocalypse", "In gas mask",
The artworks were given from the privet collection of Julia Sulima.