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Author lecture :

Author lecture : "I" and power - Disaster:
between the government and Maidan

December 21, 2013, Saturday, 12 p.m.
International Institute of Depth Psychology
Ukrainian Association of Psychoanalysis invites:

Author lecture of Anatoly Tolstouhov:
"I" and power - Disaster: between the government and Maidan
Location: 16 Lavrskaya str.
Admission is free!

lecture is devoted to the political situation in the country. The author tells
why Ukraine was once again the epicenter of world politics and what the
motion vector she should choose to its internal strategy based not on fear
but on the consolidation and implementation of the full system of national
interests and security.

During the lecture the author will respond to topical issues that are now
concerned about the millions of Ukrainians.

Anatoly Tolstouhov , Ph.D., President of the Ukrainian Academy of Political
Science , member of the National Academy of Pedagogical Sciences of Ukraine
and the European Academy of Sciences and Arts, the adviser, the commissioner
of the Prime Minister of Ukraine. Anatoly Tolstouhov is people′s deputy of the Verkhovna Rada I, III , IV, V convocations four served as Minister of the Cabinet
of Ministers of Ukraine (1997 - 1999 ; 2003 - 2005 , 2010 - 2011) . President of
the charity organization " Center for Practical Philosophy" , Honorary President
of the Foundation for Promotion of Arts, Project Manager, International
Ecological Forum "Environment for Ukraine", "Ukraine: The history
of great people".

Location: International Institute of Depth Psychology.
Kyiv, str. Lavra , 16, 3rd floor conference room.
Pre-registration is required.
Additional information:
+38 (044) 280 89 45; +38 (067) 503 99 72.
Admission is free!

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