Kiev Museum of Dreams

Victoria Danelyan

Founder of the Museum of Dreams, a psychoanalyst, a business coach.
Board member of the Ukrainian Association of Psychoanalysis.
Moderator of the project "Open research project "Cinema and Psychoanalysis".
Curator and moderator of a scientific research project "Laboratorium".

Tatiana Tsvelodub

Founder of the Museum of Dreams, a psychoanalyst.
Moderator of the scientific research project Laboratorium and Film Club
at the International Institute of Depth Psychology.
First education - Arts (Master).
Kiev Academy of Fine Arts and Architecture.
Second education - Applied Psychology.
Psychoanalysis. International Institute of Depth Psychology.

Mila Gayday

A sophisticated person who feels the smooth lines of fabric.
Fashion designer.
Boldly plunges into new threads and collects beauty.
Her lines organize the space.

Anna Mikhaylichenko

Photographer. Master's degree of Shevchenko University in the field of English Philology and Translation of two foreign languages. I have worked as a professional photographer for more than 6 years now,
but I picked up a camera for the first time when I was a little girl. I used to take photos with an old camera without film, and then drew all I saw. I made special exhibitions for my grandma. Passion for photography and love for beautiful people - that's the main stimulus to work. To help people remember
the most important or the fleeting moments - it's worth it. I am inspired by people, movies, books
and criticism of my beloved husband.

Lesha Mikhaylichenko

Designer and artist.
Education - artist-restorer.
For 12 years I have been professionally engaged in design in a variety of areas: printing, web, 3D.
I like drawing, motorcycles, scooters and machinery, as well as implementing creative ideas.
Since I was a child I have been interested in all the mechanisms - dismantled everything that came
to hand. My main inspirer and critic at the same time is my beloved wife.

Yulia Sulima

Art director of art-theater "Oxymoron",
director, art curator, participant and organizer of international
projects for the development of contemporary performing arts.
Video: Oxymoron

Yaryna Grusha

Yarina likes simple clothes, Apple products, speaking Italian, reading in bed,
talking until late in the kitchen, wandering around the city with a bottle of red wine in hand,
exploring new types of coffee and whiskey. She loves travelling without a map, watching movies
on the big screen, writing in a Moleskine on her knees, watching football with headphones on ...


Complicity. Responsiveness. Sincerity.
She supports the whole world. The world in which it is warm and cozy.
Dialogue with her draws your attention to the new aspects of the old familiar things.
Biology, philosophy, translating Galaktion Tabidze from Georgian
and more that is to be found in her with each new day.
Lyubv' is synaesthetic . Errors in the text are lit for her red letters,
the names of of different colors.

Maria Evgrashina

Practising psychoanalyst. Professional interests - individual psychoanalysis, and marital therapy.
A member of the Ukrainian Association of Psychoanalysis. Event organizer and inspirer
of PechaKucha Night in Kiev. A "Psychoanalytic Notes" blogger.

Maxim Ilyashenko

Art manager, translator, Jungian analyst.
My life is the study of harmony, sense and magic.