Kiev Museum of Dreams

Dream Museum is a cultural project created with the support
of an interdisciplinary center of art and culture Dream Projects.

The museum objectives:
1. Creation of the permanent exhibition devoted to the dream phenomenon;
2. Implementation of interdisciplinary projects in the field of visual arts,
music and non-formal education.

Who am I when I am asleep? Where do my dreams come from?
Why is it that I can see something I have never seen in reality?
We have created Dream Museum to answer these questions, as well as to give some
space for contemplation and speculation as to what is happening in our dreams.

There are no exhibition windows in the museum, so it is difficult to remain in the role
of a spectator. Here everyone is both a showpiece, and a researcher of their own
unconscious - dreams, fantasies, the mechanisms that weave the images we encounter
while we are asleep. Those who are ready, will be able to discover the features
and peculiarities of their own consciousness - the personal taboos, stereotypes,
traumas and shocks - all that makes up our personal, subjective history.

Here you can meet people and ideas, that inspire, impress and provide new perspectives
on dream interpretation and the phenomena that occur during our sleep, day-dreams
and processes of creative thinking.

An attempt to tell others about your dream is the first step toward comprehension.
We have the Dream Coffer - ne can try to tell or write about their dream in the form
of a short essay, a video series or a drawing. You can come and put that expression of your dream in the Coffer. Or you can do it right now.

The Dream Coffer is waiting to share all the dreams that have been collected with you -
you can peek, explore dreams, and, of course, tell others about them. To do this, simply open the Coffer on the Museum website or come to visit us.

In the Museum you can always turn to the Wall of free associations, which has lots
of drawers and niches. If you have a question - write it down on paper and put it in one
of the drawers. The next time you come to the museum, you'll certainly find the answer
to your question or - who knows? - Maybe that will be another question - written by
one of the dreamers - our staff.

The main focus for the founders of the museum is psychoanalytic interpretation
of the phenomenon of dreams, fantasies, waking dreams and creativity. That's why
a huge part of what we have is devoted to dreams and their interpretations, and other
phenomena of the human psyche.

To learn more about psychoanalysis and dreams, you can attend public lectures,
seminars, conferences, exhibitions, workshops and our cinema club - all of which
take place in the premises of our museum.

In 2012 the Museum of Dreams was accredited by Ukrainian Association of Psychoanalysis.

Besides, we have a free-formschool K99 - an easy and convenient way to learn a wide range of facts and their internal relationships in psychoanalysis.

A Psychoanalysis Room is available in the Museum, where you can attend a practicing psychoanalyst. We also have a library with books mostly devoted to psychoanalysis.
You can pick any book and read it in our premises (without having to worry about how intellectual you look).

In his Die Traumdeutung (The Interpretation of Dreams), Freud describes dreams
as the "royal road to the unconscious". And that was how it all began for Freud - analysis
of his own dreams and self-analysis - were those catalysts that gave rise to
the psychoanalysis mainly in the form we know it today.

In the night of 23-24 July 1895 Freud sees the dream that is famously known as Irma's Injection, which possibly will be the first dream to be analysed so meticulously and maybe the most famous after the biblical predecessors. The mystery Freud encountered was
the mystery of our subjective, unconscious desires. The desires unseen while we are awake
and persistently eluding the moment we wake up. And, strangely, those desires can be
recognized partially by fantasizing and associating.

The Museum of Dreams is located in Kiev, 55, Chigorina street,
behind the green door in residential house.

At the Musuem Store books, notebooks, postcards and souvenirs are purchased.

You can visit us, talk, make the acquaintance of the museum staff or other visitors,
or sit on the bench before the entrance and just dream.


Opening of the Museum of Dreams in Kiev, the exhibition - NightmareArt presentation.