Kiev Museum of Dreams

Dream Museum announces the recruitment of volunteers / interns to assist in the creation of the permanent exhibition of the museum.

Dream Museum announces the recruitment of volunteers and interns
in the project "The museum exhibition."

and also to assist at work with:
- social networks (FB, VK),
- writing texts,
- implementation of photo, video filming museum events,
- working with museum visitors

Description of the work and the requirements for volunteers

Description of the work :
The implementation or assistance in creating one or more of the exhibits:

  • Animator (create animated short films on the theme of dreams, fantasy, etc.)
  • Artist-designer (computer graphics)
  • Artist-designer (working with polygraphy, the preparation of files for printing)
  • Graphic Designer (drawing, painting and other materials)
  • Operator-photographer (DOP) (animated films and video shorts):
  • Implementation of the shooting (for photographers)
  • Implementation of the video, including the installation of video (for operators).
  • Filmdirector - short video works
  • Technical solutions for: electronics, lighting, sound, mechanical elements work in the exhibition.
  • Consultant - Audio - (technically takes care of the audio equipment)
  • Constructor (solving technical issues of the art facilities)

and permanent areas for volunteers:

  • Assistant Administrator during museum events and activities (lectures, exhibitions, etc.);
  • Assist in the organization of museum events and activities;
  • Comply with current problems in the museum.
  • Work with social networks (FB, VK), copywriting (announcements News), selection of illustrations.
  • Coordination of educational programs;
  • Coordination of exhibition projects;
  • PR
  • Photo shooting, video and installation

Suggestions to the candidate:

  • Interest in the interaction between the various forms of visual culture;
  • Interest in art, psychoanalysis and philosophy;
  • Responsibility and punctuality;
  • Good computer skills;
  • The desire to improve their own skills;
  • Communication skills and affability.

Suggestions to the photographers and camera operators:

  • Ability to conduct photo and video;
  • Own camera (for shooting).
Please everyone send examples of photographs (up to 10) or examples of video works (up to 5 minutes).

The practice is not paid.

Bonuses volunteers:

  • Free access to educational programs
  • A letter of recommendation
  • Additional opportunities and prospects
    directly discussed at the interview.

Please everyone send your resume and cover letter
is also required to mail
marked "Practice / volunteering at DM.

Contact person - the coordinator of the project
"The exposition" - Victoria Danielian
Тел.: +38 044 531 97 27, +38 093 473 78 67
More about the Dream Museum you can find on the site
See you at Dream Museum!

The project of the museum constant exposure is designed using visual and verbal presentation of information:
(in the creation of exhibits used all kinds of visual art
multimedia systems, sound design and theater) art objects (using mechanical and uncoated)
video and audio art
images (graphics and photography, collage)
short films
theatrical accompaniment,

interactive program for multi media, which includes work on:
- animation
- Short films
- images
- music
- texts
- the general scenario of the program