Kiev Museum of Dreams
Exposition “MODY”

Exposition "MODY"

April 28 - May 26, 2013 Kiev Museum of Dreams invites
to collages exposition "MODY" of Ukrainian art - duet of twin brothers Vasili and Ivan Kostenko "BRATY"

Working hours:
April 28 - May 26, 2013
Th-Fr: 17p.m.-20p.m.
Sat-Sun: 14p.m.-18p.m.
Tickets: 30 uah.

Image of "decent Soviet woman with high moral values" against
"immoral Western woman". Soviet Union. 1970-80s. Skirts and pants
made of brocade, synthetic materials and crimplene. Bright lipstick and black
striking eyes lines on a face. The aroma of "Red Moscow". The most gorgeous
mods were prosecuted for anti-Soviet activities. Naturalness was the main
feature of Soviet beauty opposed to Western "artificiality". At the same time
in opposite direction from the East, the sexual revolution is actively developing.

Art project "MODY" (in English - Fashion) is dedicated to the research on Soviet
men and women characters of 70-80s and consists of collage series (17 pieces). "MODY" is the title of illustrated clothing catalogs of that time. Drawings from
the pages of rare issues were taken as the basis of every collage.
Authors recreate and restate the images of those years with help of digital
technologies. Forms collision, nature elements combination (landscapes,
flowers and animals), improvised and random details, watercolor drops
build up integrated composition reflecting way of life and mood of people of that time.

Instead of ticket a visitor is proposed to take a cutout paper detail
of woman clothe and other that can be optionally added to the collage mutually created by visitors. Let′s see the results of collective art!

Fashion of soviet epoch is becoming actual art in experimental project "MODY" - collages, template and clothes elements of soviet fashion women.

Kiev Museum of Dreams Collaboration Yoda Braty design studio

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