Kiev Museum of Dreams
Psychoanalytic Spring 2013

Psychoanalytic Spring 2013

We invite you to participate
in Psychoanalytic Spring 2013!

Psychoanalytic Spring - an open international educational
project, which includes a cycle activities aimed
at the development of psychoanalysis in Ukraine.
Every year since 2004 it brings together specialists from different
fields to share ideas, discuss problems and introduce a wide range
of intellectuals with psychoanalysis as a theory and world view.
"Spring" is getting more popular and attract all who are
interested in psychoanalysis, modern European culture
and human thought.

Psychoanalytic Spring - a great opportunity to learn about psychoanalysis and close, to go on an exciting intellectual journey.
How do they think? What do they think about life, country,
society, clients, each other? How they work, what is interesting
for them,how they discuss their worries? What our experts are
different from the West? How do they look? The main feature
of our project is that today, this is one of the few, and perhaps
the only opportunity for everyone to get to know
with psychoanalysts outside their offices for a short time
to dive into the real psychoanalysis, to make up their own
view about this exciting method.

Organization: Ukrainian Association of Psychoanalysis
International Institute of Depth Psychology
tel.: (044) 222 70 65, 280-89-45


International Institute of Depth Psychology
16, Lavrskaya st.

Kiev Museum of Dreams
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