Kiev Museum of Dreams
MEETING with Psychoanalyst. <br/>Where  does the feeling of guilt emerge?

MEETING with Psychoanalyst.
Where does the feeling of guilt emerge?

K99 - free form education school presents DIALOGUE project.

March 21, 2013, Thursday, 19:00
Where does the feeling of guilt emerge?
Admission: 50 uah.

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Tatiana Tsvelodub - founder of the Museum of Dreams in Kiev,
a practicing psychoanalyst. Graduated from the National Academy
of Fine Arts and Architecture (NAFAA), Faculty of Arts,
International Institute of depth psychology (MIGP).

Additional education: The course "Self-Psychology. Technique H.Kohuta
with narcissistic personality disorders" (Ukraine), Course "Contemporary forms
of psychopathology" (France), Course "Psychoanalysis J. Lacan"
(St. Petersburg, Russia), Course "Child psychoanalysis F. Dalto "(St. Petersburg, Russia), "Psychoanalysis and transformational linguistics" International Institute
of Depth Psychology (Kiev, Ukraine), Advanced training course "Psychoanalytic
theory and clinical Freudian-Lacanian" East European Institute of Psychoanalysis
(St. Petersburg, Russia), XVII Seminar "to the logic of a love life," Freud′s Field
(St. Petersburg, Russia), XVIII Workshop Freud′s field in Ukraine on "Symptom"
(Donetsk, Ukraine), Freud′s Seminar XX Fields topic: "Subject to psychosis"
(Moscow, Russia).

Works in Psychoanalytic Room.

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