Kiev Museum of Dreams
Synesthesia meetings

Synesthesia meetings

March 18, 2013, MONDAY, 19:30,
Admission: 50 uah.
Synaesthetes meetings and all interested.

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Did you smell lemon like sour spiked yellow spicy rhomb? Maybe could be cold from
the cold shades of sounds "Moonlight Sonata"? And when You hear the word "storm"
do You see a bright surf of a black and burgundy deafening thunderous wave?
Perhaps the number eight for you is always blue, the letter "a" is red, and the sign
of infinity light gray? Saturday is red and white as the flag of Poland, Chopin′s
marches are like raspberry jam, best friend is purple ball and rumbling of a cat
is a gentle stream of warm light scent, silver-green whistle?

Conversations of synesthetes in the Museum of Dreams

If so, then what do you have in common with Vladimir Nabokov, and has he -
with Lady Gaga, and have they - with Ludwig Vitgenshtaynom, and has he -
with Duke Ellington and many others?

One word: Synesthesia - this is such a unique ability of a brain to a mixed perception
and formation of clearly strong cross-sensory associations, where all or some bodies
senses work together automatically without desire or deliberate efforts of their owner.

Museum of Dreams invites you to several meetings devoted
to the phenomenon of synesthesia, synesthesia and creativity,
synesthesia and dreams.

The program of the first "Conversation":
- introduction with the phenomenon of synesthesia, synesthetes communication,
exchange experience of a "special" perceptions, invited experts′s opinions;

- films viewing and explanations of it, (illustrating certain types of synesthesia);

- skype-conference (teleconference) with Anton Sidorov-Dorso (Moscow) researcher anthropologist,
founder and curator of the online scientific
resource (Russian synaesthetic Community),
co-author of the research program "Anthropology of synesthesia",
member of the Association of British synaesthetic (UKSA);

- pleasantly spent Monday night :)

Admission: 50 uah.

Have a nice day
Yours Museum of Dreams.
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