Kiev Museum of Dreams

"FIND MYSELF". Personal painting exhibition of Kateryna Balytska

April 3 - 21 2013
Thursday, Friday: 17 p.m. - 20 p.m.
Saturday, Sunday: 14 p.m. - 18 p.m.
Admission: 30 uah.

Personal painting exhibition of Kateryna Balytska "Find myself"
encourages you to make a pause and deep into yourself.

Museum space, painting filling walls and ceiling, gramophone with records
at your choice and taste and folding bed in the middle of the hall where you can
comfortably lie down to have a dialog with yourself and artworks.

The art of thought excitement is the feature of same things to wake up new emotions.

Everybody plays hide-and-seek game with subconsciousness and Self Interior
and exterior are often difficult to distinguish. What is more dominate in us,
either what we are in reality or what we imagine about ourselves?

The artworks heroes are busy with the seek of Self, study of Self, perceiving of Self
and they are fascinated by endeavors to exhibit themselves or vice versa to hide their
Self. People are naked and opened to the World on the paintings. They have been
seeking for your self in dreams, in books as well as look in the real world.
Does the ultimate immovable Self exist? Is it possible to hide all your drawbacks?
How to see yourself from all sides? We always tend to be good, beautiful
and interesting, but this does not happen every time. Even if all sides of diamond
do not shine, it is still diamond. Might be it will be easer to find yourself starting
to improve and strengthen your best qualities, then to blame yourself
for your drawbacks.

You could left behind your disturbing emotions, relax by music chosen by yourself,
release your disturbing thoughts and find new and fresh ones, as well as feel
yourself with joyful colors and even to lie down. The paintings do not hurry you.

Stop to see!

dumkaptaha. The art of thought excitement. The painter Kateryna Balytska

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