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exhibition of paintings DreamRomi

Exhibition of paintings "DreamRomi" Olga Petrova

Working hours:
March 5 - 17, 2013
Tuesday, Wednesday - from 16 p.m. to 19 p.m.
Saturday, Sunday - from 15 p.m. to 18.00 p.m.
Admission is free.

March 5 to 17, 2013
Museum of Dreams invites you to an exhibition of paintings "DreamRomi",
Olga Petorva.

Also, in addition to a series of paintings You can see the author s animated film "MARIVANNA", which fragment is presented here.

During the exhibition you will find dance performance of Veronica Maydukova (Studio A6), comprising of several compositions. Musical accompaniment of broken rhythms of dubstep - DJ Galatar Stepler.

A year ago, learning about the the creation of the Museum of Dreams, Olga was
inspired by the idea and created a small series of paintings, focusing on the parallels between dreams and childhood of her daughter Romy and memories of her own childhood. This series is begining of work on a new, short, animated film of the same name.

"All adults were children first, only a few of them remember it."
Antoine de Saint-Exupery

The general idea that unites these works - is to detect the subtle connections between memories of childhood and dreams. You can not have the dream without the story of the dream, there is no childhood without our memories of him.

"Childhood - the happiest in life, but not for children."
Michael Moorcock

While we are kids - we can not tell - where the band between childhood
and adulthood lays down, while we are sleeping - we do not distinguish daydreams fantasies from awakening. Each work begins the story that hidden in memory,
but leaves it unfinished. When we fantasize or recall, we add our story
and drowning up ourselves. Each visitor will be able to continue and woven
into the story his own thoughts.

"Unconscious - this is the chapter in our history, which has a white spot or a lie ...
but the truth may be found, most often it is written in a different location,
such as archival documents, the meaning of which is not clear, as long as their
origin is not clear: these childhood memories. "

The exhibition will feature a series of paintingsand also the author s animated film "MARIVANNA".

Awards / Festivals

2012 UNICA "kochac człowieka" Golden Heart
2011 performance in Moscow Kremlin
2010 ADC, Talent of the Year & Thesis of the Year
2010 Saatchi, NGDSC
UNICA 2010, gold
BDFA DAFF 2010, gold
2010 20.Filmkunstfest M V Schwerin, Short Film Award
2010 Fish X Festival Rostock, silver
2010 Lights Film Festival Frankfurt, mention
2010 Berlinale
2009 Visionale Young Professionals 3rd, price
2009 Filmz Mainz, 1st prize RheinMain role

Additional information
March 5, 2013
Opening at 17:00
For information call:(067)945 86 55.