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Trendy Art. What`s going on?

Trendy Art. What`s going on?

February 8, 2017

The Dream Museum′s former Tatiana Tsvelodub launches the lecture about all aspects of the strange and expensive contemporary art. In the context of historical perspective with concrete examples you`ll understand a little bit more about art trends.

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Tatiana Tsvilodub - curator, art critic, psychoanalyst.
The author of the course "How to understand contemporary art. Philosophy. History. Psychoanalysis. Leads "The story of Dream" in Dream Museum for adults and kids.
Co-founder of "Dream Projects" - the interdisciplinary center of art and culture development (Ukraine, Georgia). Co-founder and curators of the "Dream Museum" (Kyiv, Ukraine).
Co-curator of the international project and exhibition "Sergei Paradjanov - the XXI century Dream" (Ukraine, Georgia).
Engaged in the research and development of cross-cultural and interdisciplinary forms of contemporary art.
Inspire and support startups aimed to develop art and culture in Ukraine.

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