Kiev Museum of Dreams

The exhibition of video-animation by Victoria Perevoznikova "Projections of the unconscious"

February 2 - 13, 2013,
Tuesday, Wednesday, from 17 p.m to 20 p.m.
Saturday, Sunday, from 14 p.m. to 20 p.m.
Entrance is FREE.

The Museum of Dreams invites you to visit the exhibition of young artist
Victoria Perevoznikova "Projections of the unconscious"!

Simple and humorous video works talk about existing in current system
of stereotypes and patterns in society related with psychoanalysis, considering
two positions: pro and con Psychoanalysis. The author starts from observation
of two points of view. The characters of the video works are the plasticine
creatures which are thinking, feeling, getting inspired as well as we are.

Victoria Perevoznikova raises issues of human relationships, relationships between metaphysical world and man, the relationship and interaction between different mental and social groups.

We are waiting for you!
See you soon
The Museum of Dreams