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Ornament of ourselves. <br/>Ukrainian Vyshyvanka

Ornament of ourselves.
Ukrainian Vyshyvanka

March 22, 2016, Tuesday, 19:30

Svetlana Ostrovskaya will talk about
traditional ornaments and psychedelic patterns of Ukrainian vyshyvanka.

Before the Maidan events the Ukrainian vyshyvanka has existed in a kind of parallel reality: in museums and ethnography books, etc. After the Revolution, it came out of "historical twilight" and has become one of the key elements in the process of comprehension of Ukrainians′ national and cultural identity. However, we haven′t had time to understand the meaning of the patterns on it, and what the messages are hidden particular vyshyvankas. At one point it appeared that mature male politicians wear vyshyvankas that are traditionally identify unmarried young men, while women "fell in love" with poppies patterns: bright and delicate flower, meanwhile - a symbol of sorrow, a sign that a man had been killed in your family.

The national costume has always been an important element in the history of the struggle for independence and freedom of expression of various peoples.
In the 18th century, the British government banned the Scots′ kilts. The same British colonizing India, forced women to wear the blouse "choli" under the translucent sari. And in our time (in 2014) the European Court of Human Rights confirmed the prohibition on wearing the burqa in public places, adopted in France in 2011.

For Dream Museum by Sveta Ostrovskaya and Eugene Sheshenin developed a program, which aims to explore the history of urban subcultures in Europe and United States, the semantics of the Scottish kilt and Ukrainian embroidery.

The lecturer:
Sveta Ostrovskaya
- a charismatic speaker, artist, stylist and photographer.
She has worked with companies such as Coca-Cola, Philip Morris, Jaguar, Xerox, Unicredit Leasing, brand Miller.
As a lecturer works with KAMA, Fashion Campus Dnepropetrovsk, Museum of Dreams, Wart, space Simply Sale, A-HOUSE gallery.
She has performed at the The National Art Museum of Ukraine, taught at the Kiev Fashion Institute.

A participant of the 54th Venice Biennale, collateral exhibition: Project co-author "Apiary. Destiny Drums", the creator of the costumes. Was an author of the costumes for rock-extravaganza "Forest Song" (the curator Natalia Andreeva, Gallery "A-HOUSE").
Participant of The Shanghai Contemporary 2010 and Shanghai-EXPO 2010 (the poster for the Jazz & Blues Club, curator Natalia Andreeva, Gallery "A-HOUSE").
Sveta specializes in communication projects in the field of fashion, design, art. Organized by: The Interdisciplinary Centre of Art and Culture Development “Dream Projects”.

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