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12 concepts of psychoanalysis.

12 concepts of Psychoanalysis. Workshop n1 - Erroneous actions.

January 17, 2013, Thursday, 19.p.m.
12 concepts of Psychoanalysis
Workshop n 1 - erroneous actions
Entrance fee: 100 uah.

The Museum of Dreams launches the training course "12 concepts of psychoanalysis."
The aim of the course - to help participants get to know their unconscious,
its laws and structure more deeply. This is a simple and entertaining introduction
to complex issues.

Are there any limits of thinking? Where the anxiety does come from?
What does determine human happiness? Why does the pleasure is so close to loss?
What is the nature of love?

The lecturer: Pauline Yuvchenko - practicing psychoanalyst, translator.

Everyone′s opinion will be important in the common study. To make easer
for the participants to search for and to find their own answers, there will be
presented the tools of psychoanalysis. You can attend as any interesting for you
class and the entire course of seminars.

Pauline Yuvchenko:
"For our common work there were carefully selected the key concepts
of psychoanalytic discourse. In consideration of the terms, we will follow logic
inherent by Freud. We′ll pay much attention to the positions of M. Klein, J. Lacan,
will highlight the current views of other researchers, discuss fascinating examples.
The seminar is addressed to all who are interested in the theory of contemporary
culture and tend to use psychoanalysis qualitatively in their practice."

January 17, Thursday, at 19:00 on the first lecture there will be analyses
of phenomenon of "erroneous actions."

Our first talk will focus on the errors: slips, clerical errors. Often people do not hear
what they say, go in the wrong direction on a familiar street, loose the things,
forget the names, mix the dates. We′ll find out why accidents are not accidental,
why do they happen, for what do we need them. Sigmund Freud′s psychoanalytic explanation began with a consideration of erroneous actions: these mental acts offer
many everyday mysteries. Psychoanalytic theory of wrong actions is
a fundamental classic introduction to the study and understanding
of the unconscious.

The topics of the course:
1. Misaction
2. Dream
3. Free association
4. Interpretation
5. Affection
6. Libido
7. Desire
8. Resistance
9. Sublimation
10. Anxiety
11. Symptom
12. Transfer

See you soon,
Your Museum of Dreams