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Kilt for fashionista.<br/> Attribute and statement

Kilt for fashionista.
Attribute and statement

March 1, 2016, Tuesday, 19:30

Eugene Sheshenin will talk about warrior, dandies, punks and plaid.
Plaid - evergreen tribal pattern, family ID antiquity and identification mark for a clan affiliation, symbol of connection with a certain social group (from the Scottish nationalist radicals to the city′s radical punk movement). A polite rebellion of dandyism (past and present) as well is not possible without the plaid.

Refined or brutal - fashion loves rebels. Fashion loves plaid. In the hands of the masters of fashion (McQueen, Chanel, Westwood, Dries van Noten) plaid started to talk and have said a lot of different interesting things.

Lecture "Kilt for fashionista. Attribute and statement " is created primarily for those, who are interested in global trends, fashion and the transformations of the modern lifestyle. It will be useful to those who is getting acquainted with the history and culture of Ukraine, as well as to those, who involved in comprehension and interpretation of our heritage and its "embedding" in the modern world. In short, on this meeting we are goung to work with the following question: "whether ethnics and traditional culture can be interesting for our digital age?"

Eugene Sheshenin
graphic / designer.
Education: Moscow State University of Printing Arts.
Industry: book design and illustration, animation and film.
After moving to the United States was working with such companies and brands as Calvin Klein, Donna Karan, Polo, Ralf Lauren, Springs Industries, Gap, Old Navy.
Specialization - textile design.
In Ukraine Evgeny Sheshenin works with men′s clothing and accessories brands, with clothing for women, does lectures on the history of fashion and style, works as a stylist.

For the Dream Project Sveta Ostrovskaya and Eugene Sheshenin developed a program of lectures, which aims to explore the history of urban subcultures in Europe and the United States, the symbiosis of traditional folk culture and modern cultural practices, the semantics of a Scottish kilt, Ukrainian vishivanka etc. Lectures are held every two weeks (often on Tuesdays at 19:30). Check out all announcements on the website and in social networks.

Cost: 100 UAH
(for the first 10 registered entrance
by the system Pay What You Want).

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