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Music and drugs.  <br/>Last century

Music and drugs.
Last century

February 16, 2016, Tuesday, 19:00

We′ll talk about fashion and lifestyle in the XX century with Sveta Ostrovskaya.

Our topics for this meeting:
- Zoot suits and Zazu.
- Bikers and Marlon Brando.
- Beatniks and jazz. Kerouac, Ginsberg, Burroughs. Beatniks′ sleng.
- Ted-boys and “girls gangs”. "Elvis Presley and Cliff Richard. "Edwardian style".
- Modern rockabilly.
- Hipsters precursor, 60th: fashion and methamphetamine. Small Faces, The Who and the Kinks.
- Rastafarian culture, Ganja and Bob Marley.
- Antipodes: skinheads. Plaid shirt, jeans, boots Dr. Martens. Slade and Madness.
- Hippies and Woodstock. LSD.
- 70th: Anarchy and punk cacophony. Sex Pistols, Patti Smith and The Clash.
- "New Wave": Blondie, Police, Dire Straits, Man at Work, Boom Town Rats.
- Hedonism "new romantics" and the seriousness of the goths. Adam and the Ants, Visage, Simply Red.
- Androgyny glam rock: Bowie, Marc Bolan, Freddie Mercury.
- Narcotic paradise: the phenomenon of "Studio 54".
- Ecstasy and rave culture - the beginning of the club movement.
- Grunge and Nirvana.
- The fastest-bit and the beginning of a new era.

The lecturer:
Sveta Ostrovskaya
- a charismatic speaker, artist, stylist and photographer.
She has worked with companies such as Coca-Cola, Philip Morris, Jaguar, Xerox, Unicredit Leasing, brand Miller.
As a lecturer works with KAMA, Fashion Campus Dnepropetrovsk, Museum of Dreams, Wart, space Simply Sale, A-HOUSE gallery.
She has performed at the The National Art Museum of Ukraine, taught at the Kiev Fashion Institute.

A participant of the 54th Venice Biennale, collateral exhibition: Project co-author "Apiary. Destiny Drums", the creator of the costumes. Was an author of the costumes for rock-extravaganza "Forest Song" (the curator Natalia Andreeva, Gallery "A-HOUSE").
Participant of The Shanghai Contemporary 2010 and Shanghai-EXPO 2010 (the poster for the Jazz & Blues Club, curator Natalia Andreeva, Gallery "A-HOUSE").
Sveta specializes in communication projects in the field of fashion, design, art. Organized by: The Interdisciplinary Centre of Art and Culture Development “Dream Projects”.

Cost: 100 UAH
(for the first 10 registered – entrance
by the system Pay What You Want).

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