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It′s hard to be God. Michael

It′s hard to be God. Michael

"All adults were children once..."

February 18, 2016, Thursday 19.00

The first lecture: It′s hard to be God. Michael.
Course: "Success" – what is it and does it guarantee the "happiness"?

These meetings were planned as a lectures and a research project at once. Among other things they hopefully will allow us to discover how our successes, failures and some life choices of lover, friends, way of life and occupation, for example, depends on our parents, environment and childhood experience in general.

For parents - it′s a chance to find answers to the basic parenting questions: what do we want from our children? What do we want them to become? Is it important to encourage child to be successful and how to create optimal conditions for the development of his or her abilities?

Now it is no longer in trend to discuss such personalities as Marilyn Monroe, Michael Jackson, Madonna, Steve Jobs or Agatha Christie. It seems that we know everything about them already. But what do you think of their childhood, how they grew and what formed them?

Our meetings will be devoted to the discussion of the details of icons′ childhood and youth, with the participation of the professional psychologist, who′ll help us to make our own conclusions.

Author of the idea and the leader:
Olga Kolchanova - child and family psychologist, psychoanalyst, Master of Clinical Psychology at the University of Strasbourg, professor of the International Institute of Depth Psychology, the creator of the Schools of family relations, consultant and expert at portals, svitmam. ua,, PANORAMA, TRK "Ukraine" in the program "Ukraine says", TRK "1+1" in the program "Sn³danok with 1+1".

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