Kiev Museum of Dreams

White Noise

January 21, Thursday, 18:00

"White Noise" - a collective project, based on the author′s reflections on emotional interpretations of night dreams, expressed through the collage form. Young artists and designers were searching and creating their own visual statement via free contexts, deconstruction, quoting and repudiation, through interactive forms and experiments with meanings, machinery, materials, textures, frames, color, etc. "White Noise" is the exhibition where colorful collages generate new ideas, new content and new emotions.

Almost everyone is familiar with the phenomenon of Dreaming , nevertheless it still raises many different questions ... Which signals our life (filled with a new and partially hidden content) may give us through dreams? What is essentially a dream? Which fragments of personal and collective reality / unreality with a long history and symbolism, it composes in such a bizarre topography: with bright mosaics, kaleidoscopes and textured collages? What we were dreaming about as a child?
Is it possible for a dream to have an era duration and be dreamed by everybody at once?
What fears could be hidden under multilayered hyperlinks: the shark, the sheep and the boys that are eating the sky? Where do our dreams lead?
The participants of the exhibition and the author of the course "Collage as a plastic methods in art and design" Natalia Sinepupova were looking for answers on such questions in the process of creating their works.

Working on the themes of the project, the group acquired an additional mentoring in the face of the founders of the Museum of Dreams in Kiev: Tatiana Tsvelodub and Victoria Danielian. Museum of Dreams in Kyiv - Museum of intangible values. It′s activities closely involves the study of dreams and sleeping process in terms of collage mentality, which is clearly depicted in the works of the project participants. Therefore the collaboration of School of visual communication and the Museum of Dreams gave artists an opportunity to work out a conceptual core of their works, referring to the new knowledge about the phenomenon of dreaming that was obtained in the Museum.

The exhibition is opened for public starting from 21 January Working hours since 22 January to 14 February, from 11:00 to 18:00 (except the hours allocated for activities of the Museum).
Entrance to the exhibition on the principle Pay What You Want.

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