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Well done! - the workshop of perfectionist

"Well done!" - the workshop of perfectionist

The Place for Work presents a project by Victoria Danielyan.

December 16, 2015 at 19:30

Anyone, who wants to realize his idea or project, get a job and make a career, aims to achieve success. We all want our job to be proper, successful or/and important. We want to have fun, to get recognition, to earn money.

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The number of participants is limited, pre-registration is required.

None is thinking about making a disastrous project, realizing the idea, which is not intersting or geting a dead-end job.We want to make the right decisions. But is it always come out that way? And what should we do when things are not in the top five? It′s always a question, what should be taken into account, and when it doesn′t worth to waste your time and energy?

The project "Well done!" - the perfectionist′s workshop helps to deal with problems, difficulties, questions, doubts and frustration you encounter on your way, facilitate and qualitatively change it.

Project′s author Viktoria Dnelyan- coach, psychoanalyst, art curator, co-founder and Art Director of the Interdisciplinary Center of art and culture "Dream Projects" and the DreamMuseum in Kiev.

During the meetings, each participant of the workshop can deal with following specific questions in their individual tasks:

- How do we recognize a successful project?
- What is important to take into account?
- Barriers. How to find right solutions?
- Time. How to negotiate with ourselves and with the time? - What it means to become aware of our resources?
- Do we need to evaluate ourselves and our work? How can we do it?
- How to identify the correct descision?
- Is there any room for creativity and entertainment in perfectionist′s world?

... and many other practical issues.

The structure of the workshop:
Step 1 - general meeting (lecture-discussion)
Step 2 - weekly meetings with the coach and the work in a groups on each personal briefcase.

Stage 1
December 16 at 19:30
Public meeting for everybody interested. We′ll examine such topics / issues as: doing something properly/better, focusing on something important and valuable, having fun, getting recognition, earning money, making the right decisions, and learning what is the value of the workshop project.
Admission: PWYW - pay what you want!

CLICK to make reservations

The number of participants is limited, pre-registration is required.

Stage 2
For those who want to delve into the work of their individual ideas, projects, issues.
It remains to make a few simple steps:
Step 1. Fill out a short form till 23:59 December 13, 2015.
Step 2. Get an honorary title of a perfectionist with an e-mail notification from our coach.
Step 3. Register for the first working day in the studio.

Admission: 250 UAH per 1 meeting
The price includes a refreshing mug of cocoa
and scrap materials (paper, glue, pencils, pens, markers, etc.)

Yours Dream Musuem.
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