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Free Association Club. DiXit

Free Association Club. DiXit

Saturday, November 14, 2015 at 18:30.

The first meeting of Free Association Club in Dream Museum will occur this Saturday. Lets play DiXit!
You can choose a table to play in Russian, English or French language.

The club is open to all visitors.

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The number of participants is limited, pre-registration is required.

The club host:
Sofia Andreichenko - DiXit Game Master, Wizard of free association, intellectual table games Connoisseur, Fan of symbolic puzzles, psychologist, psychoanalyst and Founder of the Center for Practical Psychology and Psychoanalysis "Imago".
Kateryna Harchenko- the brilliant professor of French is playing with us at the French DiXit table!.
Natalya Nechiporenko - the brilliant professor of English is playing with us at the English DiXit table!

The DiXit Game is built on a free association and team cooperation.
The very unexpected, inspiring and emotional action. The DiXit Game participants will learn the differents between direct description and free association. Also they will have an opportunity to practice and improve foreign languages.

- the game helps to relieve stress after a hard day;
- develops intuition and empathy;
- You will find out that creation is an easy process and you have the potential to do it;
- You will enjoy free association.

The entire game DiXit is reduced to a very simple concept:
Each player has a card with unusual images, that needs to be given a name. As a storyteller, you have to invent not very clear, but also not too complicated story to guess. The other players try to guess the association. According to the results of the tour, you will either move up, or stay on place. The game divinely beautiful!
Each image - is it′s own little plot, which can have the mass of explanations and continuations.

We chose DiXit, because its main rule - to fantasize and say everything, that comes on your mind! This is consonant with the main demand of psychoanalysis, because free association are very similar to our dreams, and therefore there is a chance to find out more about yourself.

We invite you to plunge into the free associations in French - the language of the DiXit creators!
Do not panic! Anyone can take part, we will help and support! This is a great opportunity to recall and improve your French.
Who knows, maybe if you start thinking in a foreign language, you will have completely new associations: the words, line from a song, images?

DiXit is a multi-award winning game created by Jean-Louis Roubira. The game′s title is the Latin word for "he/she said".

DiXit - a very unusual game, here you need to wake up your imagination and enjoy the gameplay!

Beautiful surreal illustrations of French artist Marie Kardua raised forgotten images, feelings, thoughts and associations disclose a field of possibilities for our imagination.

Come and see! Everyone can become a participant.

In addition to an easy, comfortable and fun pastime, the game promotes the development of empathy, intuition, imagination and creativity. Also helps to handle with stress and emotional burnout.

Do you have allowed yourself to play a bit?
CLICK to make reservations
The number of participants is limited, pre-registration is required.

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