Kiev Museum of Dreams
Children′s day at Kiev Museum of Dreams

Children′s day at Kiev Museum of Dreams

23 December, 2012, 10 a.m. - 12 a.m.
Children′s day at Museum of Dreams. How to prepare dreams!

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Dear children and their parents!

A new project for our little visitors is ready to start! Two times in a month you
and your child can visit a museum and prepare the dreams here!
Meanwhile children will prepare the dreams, parents can realize what is
the difference between direct description and free associations, playing Dixit
game! With ready dreams in children′s arms, parents can continue
to associate! Dixit is very funny game and you can play it despite your age
and plays of stay!

Information for children:
The first Children′s Day will be dedicated to preparation of dreams with a help
of product easy find in mom′s kitchen: rice, millet, buckwheat, pasta.
Also we will discover what is in dad′s garage: sheets of paper, adhesive tape,
fabrics. All the material will be provided by Museum, so let your parents free.
We will prepare volumed collages and craft which you can take away and show
it at home to your grandma and grandpa or cats and dogs!

Information for parents:
Children′s day in the Museum is directed to development of child abstract
thinking, to opening of their inside creative potential, to making
an establishment of contact with children of the same age and not only.
Their work will help to understand much more better color and forms,
their meanings in our world! The most little kids will practice their motility
fingers which helps to develop their language.

Children′s Day is directed to help children to open themselves in their common
and creative part of life!

Some additional info for parents: We will happy to see your child
if it is from 4 to 14, if he or she can use scissors and see dreams.
If your child is ill, please bring him or her next time!
And be prepare to all surprises with children′s cloth!

Specialists of dreams and crafts: Katya Balitskaya, Tanya Volynskaya, Yaryna Grusha

We kindly ask you to inform us about your visit at