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proCHTENIE #2 (sight reading)

proCHTENIE #2 (sight reading)

22 october, 2015, 17:00

The idea of the event - to accept one of the texts of contemporary drama authors as fully as possible.

0) Copy / download the file with the text itself.
1) Gather in a circle and read the text aloud.
2) At any time, anyone can stop reading = STOPpauza.
3) Continue. STOPpauza? This is the time to comment on what was just read, what emotions caused or add something from themselves, to tell a story, an idea, and so on.

You can engage in a dialogue.

(!) Total Time / timer for all STOPpauzy = 42 minutes (e.g., 21 will pause for 2 minutes). After the end of the limit we finish without interruption until the end of the text and summarize.

Text #2 "Drab Raccoons" by Oleg Yunish.

Moderator: Dan Voronov,

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