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What do I want?

What do I want?

October 28, Wednesday, 19:30.
Interactive training seminar Natalia Nechiporenko.

How to say about what I want?
What I want from others and can I get it?

All aspects of our lives in one way or other connected with dialogue, communication with others. Whatever we tolk abouyt: work, rest, friendship, relationships, family, work, studies, self-realization, in each of these life aspects there is one essential part - a communication.

By means of communication with others we become ourselves, we love, develop relationships, desire something, gain experience, have fun, get necessary. All the fullness of life is reflected in the way of communication with others, with the world. Awareness in communication, understanding of the way of our personal, individual ways to communicate, makes us free and opens us new opportunities to understand ourselves and others.

During the meeting we will discuss: What is communication? What challenges we face in understanding others? What prevents our communication? Why is it hard to tell the other about their desires and to understand other? How can you build a communication consciously? How to open a high-quality communication?

Add some awareness!

Natalia Nechyporenko - coach, psychologist (Center of Tomalogy). Experience psychologist 18 years specialization: non-judgmental conscious observation, motivational psychology.

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