Kiev Museum of Dreams
Contemporary Art. Free Course

Contemporary Art. Free Course

"Contemporary Art. Unappropriated Course" based on the principles of
libertarian (free) pedagogy.

Meetings are held in framework of a self-education project - "Free School"
and School of free form education K99 in Museum of Dreams.

Moderator of the event - Dan Voronov.

The principles of free education:

  • Search activity, reflexive understanding of multifaceted topics,
    rather than memorization or paraphrase information.
  • Cooperation and personal activity. The project is implemented
    in conjunction. Maximum involvement of each participant in a
    collective process. Your input is important.
  • From monologue to dialogicality. No lecturer, these powers are
    delegated to a specific part of the meeting.
  • Coordination. Discussions about the future direction of training
    and joint activity.

Important! if you are coming, then you have to participate and do not be
a passive viewer only.

Aim of the discussion - is to share each ones opinion on the given topic.

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Come and Participate!

Dream Museum in Kiev.
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