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The Kiss at the Golden Gate  The Scenes from a Biblical circle.

"The Kiss at the Golden Gate" The Scenes from a Biblical circle.

From April 5, 2015 new "Art History" course from art-formation
GATTAMELATA will begin.

"Art History" from art-formation GATTAMELATA.

We love and know art history and will teach you.

We will open the world treasury of images, you will meet with the artists
of bygone centuries and gain joy from contact with the amazing universe,
created with play of lines, colors and shapes.

Art-formation GATTAMELATA presents "Art History", aimed at the gradual
introduction of fascinating process of the development of art from the earliest
forms to modern times.

"The Kiss at the Golden Gate" The Scenes from a Biblical circle.

In Byzantium, Middle Ages, Renaissance and Baroque Art - stories related to an Old and New Testaments life′s characters that circulating especially active. The Orthodox tradition treats them more strictly by following the worked out iconographic schemes. In Western Europe, they are treated free and uninhibited. Refreshed in gaze of a different wizards they re-emerge in Art.

With a proper respect, we will deeply and thoughtfully consider the central events and their participants. The purpose of this activity is to help You recognize at first sight the main characters and the most enduring themes outlined in a Biblical circle, independently of artistic schools and trends.

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