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proCHTENIE # 1 (sight reading)

proCHTENIE # 1 (sight reading)

04 october, 2015, 15:00

The idea of the event - to accept one of the texts of contemporary drama authors as fully as possible.

0) Copy / download the file with the text itself.
1) Gather in a circle and read the text aloud.
2) At any time, anyone can stop reading = STOPpauza.
3) Continue. STOPpauza? This is the time to comment on what was just read, what emotions caused or add something from themselves, to tell a story, an idea, and so on.

You can engage in a dialogue.

(!) Total Time / timer for all STOPpauzy = 42 minutes (e.g., 21 will pause for 2 minutes). After the end of the limit we finish without interruption until the end of the text and summarize.

Text #1 "Three days in hell" by Paul Pryazhko

"Paul Pryazhko changed the modern play in Russia. He turned his "new drama" from drama to drama theme language, the discussion about building modern play. He took the form of text and language plays topics for discussion."
Pavel Rudnev.

"In Paul Pryazhko′s play "Three Days in Hell" for all three steps - nothing happens. Actually, there isn′t three steps at all. Yes, and it is not like a play - rather, it is a monologue certain "author′s voice" of which we know nothing, telling about some obscure and rather ordinary people living in Minsk. About life and the lives of these people."
Julia Idlis.

Moderator: Dan Voronov,

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