Kiev Museum of Dreams
Lekiar 1 Media space + Lacan.

LEKIAR 1 Mediasphere + Lacan.

Dear friends! to an unusual date 12/12/12 Dreams Museum has dated for you an extraordinary event - Lekiar.

This is a lecture and a seminar - interactive and live communication.
In plain examples, we will determine what the Mediasphere is, how did
the Internet developes and what does he live for. Pauline Yuvchenko,
translator and psychoanalyst, talk with description about the concepts
of Jacques Lacan, Claude Lévi-Strauss, Slavoj Zizek.

Their theories explain the laws of life and the development of media sphere:
the market of social networks, today s Internet paranoia and evolution
from FidoNet to Web 3.0.

We will discuss topical issues: the ratio mediasubkta and gadgets dictate search
engine, Global Application Delivery and prospects of grid networks.

Psychoanalysts be interested in examples from the clinic, comparing media
image of Freud and Jacques Lacan, and problems of lakanlanguage
and lakanomie.

Do You want to know - Why does it works for us?
Do You want to know - What the Internet is today and what it will be tomorrow?
Is there an unconscious in Network?

We are waiting for you on Wednesday at 19.30!
Hurry up to sign up,
Number of seats is limited.

The cost of visiting - 80 UAH.

Pauline Yuvchenko - the practicing psychoanalyst, translator of the famous
Dictionary of Psychoanalysis B.Vandermersha, R.Shemama,
a member of the "Lakanaliya" Petersburg analytical school and organizer
of the Kiev studio psychoanalytic "Silver Pavilion", shares her ideas.

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