Kiev Museum of Dreams
MEETING with Psychoanalyst. The Wolf Man, or what the children nightmares may tell us?

MEETING with Psychoanalyst.
The Wolf Man, or what the children nightmares may tell us?

Museum of Dreams presents a new format of informative meetings
with known practicing psychoanalysts.

First meeting will be in DECEMBER 24, Monday, at 19:00.
Rector of the International Institute of Depth Psychology Svetlana Uvarova
reads author lecture about "The Wolf Man", one of the five famous clinical
cases described by Sigmund Freud.


Meeting date has a not a random choice, because in this day Sergey
Pankeev was born. Landowner from Odessa, became famous as a patient
of Sigmund Freud. In order to preserve anonymity, Freud called Pankeev
"The Wolf Man" in his work. (in German der Wolfsmann).

This case is discussed and has attracted the interest of many people around
the world for more than 100 years. Also, this case is widely use in the film
industry and is shrouded by many legends. Even the house, near Odessa,
where Sergei Pankeev was born and spent his childhood and adolescence
now named as the "Wolfs Lair".

"I dreamed that - night and I m lying in my bed. Suddenly flung open
the window itself, and in a great fright, I see that on the big walnut tree
in front of the window sat several white wolves. There were six or seven
of them. Wolves were completely white and more like .... "

During the analytical sessions Sergei told Freud about his childhood
memories, one of whom was a bad dream about wolves, which affected
the entire life of Sergei.

How did this happen?
You learn from a lecture of Svetlana Gennadievna Uvarova,
psychoanalyst, founder and rector of the International Institute of Depth Psychology (MIGP). President, the training analyst and supervisor
of the Ukrainian Association of Psychoanalysis - ECPP -Ukraine, supervisor
and training analyst ECPP, a member of the World Council for
Psychotherapy, a board member of the European Confederation
of Psychoanalytic Psychotherapies (ECPP), chief editor of "Psychoanalysis",
a correspondent and editor of the Russian version of the European magazine "Psychoanalysis."

Attendees will be able to lecture in an accessible way to learn about why
we have nightmares and how they affect our lives and what is the method
of psychoanalysis.