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Concert of Ivanka Chervinskaya. Ukrainian songs.

Concert of Ivanka Chervinskaya. Ukrainian songs.

May 28, 2015, Thursday, 19:30

Dream Museum invites you to enjoy the concert of Ivanka Chervinskaya,
vocalist of the group "ShockolaD". Will be performed the Ukrainian songs
in author′s treatments, jazz standards, Spanish and French songs.
The accompaniment - Gennady Bondar (guitar).

Ivanka Chervinskaya:
Ivanka′s Chervinskaya voice - one of the best in Lviv. At such a young age,
she already owns different styles of music - from folk to jazz.
In 2012 she graduated from Lviv State Musical College of S.P.Lyudkevich.
2009 - 2010 - participated in the jazz master classes in Chodziez.
Participation in contests and festivals:
"On the Wings of Childhood" (2007) - Grand Prix.
"West of the XXI century." (2007) - III Award
"On the Wings of Churayivni" (2008) - First Award
"The first nationwide Delphic Games" (2010) - II Award
As a part of "Shockolad" in "Fortmisiya" (2010-2011),
"Alfa Jazz Fest" (2011), "Lviv′s Flugers".
2013-2014 - studied at the Donetsk State Academy of Prokofiev.
Collaborated with the Ukrainian and Polish musicians: Dana Vinnitskaya,
Eugene Pugachov, Gennady Bondar, Igor Zakus, Michal Jaros, Caroline
Beimchik, Bria Blesih.

Tickets: 100 UAH
For students and pensioners: 50 UAH
(you have to show a document).

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