Kiev Museum of Dreams
Kiev Museum of Dreams

Free association in the language of DIXIT creators

Dear dreamers!
8 and 9 December, 18:30, Saturday and Sunday!

Let us play your favourite game in a foreign language, for example, in French?
This Saturday 8 December the French table is working!

Do not panic! Everyone can take part, we will help and support you!

Kateryna Harchenko, the brilliant professor of French at GLMgroupe is playing with us!
This is a great opportunity to remember, to improve, to practice your French.
Who knows, maybe if you start thinking in a foreign language, you will have completely new
associations: the word. line from a song, image?

Or maybe you have a French-speaking friends?
Please, come, all together! It will be interesting!

Two days, 8 and 9 December