Kiev Museum of Dreams
What the author is dream about?

What the author is dream about? Dream 3. Denis Ivanov

Wednesday Dec 5th, at 19.30 there is the third possibility for museum visitors
to listen to dreams and real dreams of Ukrainian authors. This time the author
is prominent Ukrainian producer and general director of Arthouse Traffic
company Denis Ivanov.

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Winter will be full for surprises for attenders of "What the author is dream about"!
The first one will be lecturer Dennis Ivanov. We are used to enjoy films in the corner
of British, Spanish, German weeks of cinema, but we even could not imagined that
person who cares about it, is not only the prominent producer but also a musician,
a speleologist and photographer. Dennis graduated from school externally, than he
entered the National University of Donetsk, where he founded an alternative cinema
club. Only arthouse film was possible to watch there!

Dennis also discovered Ukrainian caves and it influenced much his dreams.
After University Dennis studied in London. He attended a course of black and white photography. All the things surrounded him, he fixed with camera 8mm.
Nowadays all the pellicle are the part of family archive.

This time Dennis is care not only our good film taste, he also has his musician band.
Before it was called "Deti capitana Granta" (Children of Captain Grant) and we all
remember his awesome exhibition at Gogolfest 2009. Now the band is called
in an another way and Dennis promised to reveal some secrets to the audience.

I can talk more and more about Dennis Ivanov, but it is more better to come
and to listen to himself! You will not miss an incredible home atmosphere with tea
and good handmade cookies, enjoying the talk with those who make our life
much more interesting!

Organization: Yaryna Grusha, Pavel Kot
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