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Free-jazz oratorio Earth kiss. <br/>Musical reflexion to The Rite of Spring of Igor Stravinsky.

Free-jazz oratorio "Earth kiss".
Musical reflexion to "The Rite of Spring" of Igor Stravinsky.

March 24, 2015, Tuesday, 19:30

Nazgul Shukaeva - vocals
Mark Tokar - contrabass.

Igor Stravinsky′s dream was inspiring start for "The Rite of Spring."
In his dream he saw an ancient ritual - a young girl surrounded by old men
dancing to exhaustion, to arouse the spring and she perishes.

"Bright Resurrection of nature, which is reborn into a new life, the full
resurrection, spontaneous resurrection and impregnation of Universal".

Igor Stravinsky

What is Free Jazz?

  • Free jazz - it′s jazz, where musicians take the entire responsibility
    choosing what they will play;
  • Free-jazz musicians do not apply to templates and during the
    performance should coordinate every element of improvisation with

Nazgul Shukaeva
Fluent in the ancient technique of throat singing - Kai, combining it with the
modern style of sound and possesses a rare vocal range from throat singing
to soprano, which allows it to perform an authentic folk, jazz, soul, ethno, pop
and rock music, as well as contemporary classical music.

Participant of ethno-jazz project Asia Tengri. Also known in cooperation with
modern Ukrainian composers: Elena Leonova "That Crazed Girl" and "Earth
Voice", Sviatoslav Lunev "Bad tempered song" poems by L. Carroll and
Victoria Polevaya "Melting voice," "Misery," "Martyrology". Collaborates with
many Ukrainian jazz musicians, participated in the festival Jazz Koktebel,
"Contrasts" in Lviv, "Colours of Musicians of the twentieth century. Avangard.
Classics. Jazz" in Vinnytsya and other.

Mark Tokar is unique Ukrainian composer and musician whose work is
most recognized in America and Europe. His projects and performances have
been presented at the world′s biggest festivals. Solo concerts by Mark Tokar
win big popularity in Europe.

The first album of Mark Tokar Yatoku, came out in 2006 and since then his
musical career went up. Mark is a frequent guest at international festivals in
the United States and Europe. In particular was the first Ukrainian musician,
who played at the prestigious festival Chicago Jazz Festival (2012). Takes
part in international projects Ken Vandermark Resonance Project, Undivided,
Five Spot, Four, Varpaj, Ultramarine, Yatoku.

Played with such renowned musicians as: Ken Vandermark, Bobby Few, Perry
Robinson, Steve Swell, Michael Zerang, Tim Daisy, Dave Rempis, Roberta Piket,
Fred Frith, Klaus Kugel, Arkady Shilkloper, Petras Vishniauskas, Mirchea
Tiberian, Mazzol, Mikołaj Trzaska , Wacław Zimpel, Yuriy Yaremchuk, Magnus
Broo, Per-Åke Holmlander, Mark Sanders, Piotr Baron, Kazimierz Jonkisz.

Tickets: 100 UAH
For students and pensioners: 50 UAH
(you have to show a document).

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