Kiev Museum of Dreams
FREEMIND SPEAKING <br/>2 day  course of English <br/>language logics study.

2 day course of English
language logics study.

28-29 March, 2015, Saturday - Sunday, 12:00

Dreams Museum presents Freemind Speaking - Natalia Nechyporenko author′s
course on the study of English language - a unique author′s technique for
beginners and for those who speaks at the secondary level.

Objective of the course - the application of knowledge in practice.

The 2-day course runs as efficiently as possible without the need of reference
notes. The main task - to develop an understanding which allows in the future to
study without the help of the teacher and improve the level of language.

"You′re either born with a gene of language skills or not. It all depends on luck"-
as most people believe. But experience shows that, it turns out, there is no gene of
language study, but there are special tools and techniques to learn faster.

About the method:
Method Freemind Speaking, simplifies understanding, structures it, makes
development of spoken language several times faster.

For whom?
For beginners - it is the development of all forms of times, and hence the correct
basis for fluency in a foreign language. For those who want quickly make sense
of the times and develop free use of the temporary forms for conversational practice.
Up on request: express course in business, express course for travelers, express
course for an interview.

During Lectures:

  1. Active development and practical application of all forms of times.
  2. Work on overcoming barriers for self-expression.
  3. Development of spoken language using the method of "Obyasnyashki".

Method Freemind Speaking - universal key to the development of language and
development of skills of practical application in the verbal form.

After development of the method, students can hone their skills with the author
of the course. For this you need to take an additional 8 lessons.

1000 UAH/ 1 person
1500 UAH/ 2 person
850 UAH/ 1 person payment before 23.03.2015

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