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The series of popular science lectures Matches. Lecture 2. Time.

The series of popular science lectures "Matches". Lecture 2. Time.
Or why staying on the higher floors accelerates aging.

February 27, 2015, Friday, 19:00.
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"Matches" - is the series of popular science lectures. It is a combination of critical thinking
and curiosity. Simply about the complicated, freshly about the ordinary.

On the course you will:

  • find out where you actually live and what is your space address;
  • make a small revolution in your awareness of time;
  • learn to fly like a Superman. Albeit in a dream;
  • get acquainted with quantums - the pixels of the Universe;
  • plunge into the history of research of love by humanity;
  • hear the people′s dreams from different corners of the world;
  • discover the power of cognition and curiosity.

February 27, 2015, Friday, 19:00
Lecture 2. Time.
Or why staying on the higher floors accelerates aging.

Time is absolutely not what we are used to perceive it. It is not equal for all people.
It is different at various points of space. Einstein shed revolutionary amount of light
on the mysteries of the universe when had got precisely its backstage. And due to
Stephen Hawking, a recipe for travel in the future exists already now - left only
technical capabilities pull up.

So what time is it and what its properties are known to scientists?

Time - the second theme of the cycle of popular science lectures "Matches".
Ignite your inquisitiveness!

Author of the lecture series - Bogdan Yaremchuk. The Earthman, founder of scientific movement,
a transhumanist and an optimist.

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