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Figurative play My life with wave

Figurative play "My life with wave"

12 February, 2015, Thursday, 19:00
Tickets: 50 uah.

The history of the deep as the sea, and melting as foam, a wave of love told in dance.
How love is born to a man? Where love has its origins in what parts of the soul lies
its reflection? Incommunicable game of feelings expressed in the plastic dance.
Refinement of movement and a quick glance can tell you about love more than
a thousand of fine words.

Four girls will tell you the story of love.
One man reveals to the audience his feelings, contradictory and close to all of us.

Based on the story by Octavio Paz.
Directed by Olga Popova

The performance involved the graduates and students KNUTCaT, Karpenko-Kary:
Valery Gulyaeva, Vadim Dotsenko, Anna Czyz, Karina Belova, Tamara Osadchaya.

Poster designer: Daria Bondarchuk.

Costume designer: Larisa Pazinich.

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