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Cinema-club PSYCHO. <br/>Watching movie Kon-Tiki with further discussion.

Cinema-club PSYCHO.
Watching movie "Kon-Tiki" with further discussion.

January 23, 2015, Friday, 19:00
80 uah,
120 uah per two visitors.

Cinema-lecture PSYCHO invites you to plunge into the world of cinema
in an unusual way!

How to learn not just watch the movie, but also analyze what is happening
on the screen, without missing the elusive essence?
Analytical cinema-lecture PSYCHO was created just for this.

How it all goes away?
Each meeting of the movie lectures devoted to a new topic, which will be
revealed during the evening. It all starts with a short lecture and continues
with watching the movie in the company of a great leader -
Maxim Il′yashenko (Jungian analyst).

The film "Kon-Tiki" tells about the expedition, organized by Norwegian
explorer Thor Heyerdahl. With this journey anthropologist went down in
history as a real feat. Several travelers went together with Heyerdahl to hit
the road and all of them passed a lot of tests: the scorching sun and storms,
shark attack, loss of faith... But the trip was also a chance to show the strength
and become heroes.

Meetings are held by Maxim Il′yashenko, Jungian analyst.

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