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Workshop Sleepy tea time with Maksim Ilyashenko.

Workshop "Sleepy tea time" with Maksim Ilyashenko.

THURSDAY, January 22 2014, 19:00

Tickets: 100 uah,
160 uah for 2 person.

Sleepy tea time. Archetype of shadow.

"Integrity can not be obtained by cutting off parts.
Integrity can be achieved by the integration of opposites."
Carl Gustav Jung

Psychologists have a joke: "During the first two years of life all teach a child
to walk and talk, and the next - to sit and be silent." I think the most difficult
question in life is to understand "who I really am?", what influence of my parents,
school, society? Where is the line between "being comfortable" and "be yourself"?

Jungian psychoanalysts believe that the path to integrity, and hence to a more healthy
and conscious life is in the awareness of our own shadow, those parts of ourselfs that
we deny, but which affect our lives.

During the workshop we will deal with our own Shadow using view excerpts from
movies and psychoanalytic techniques work with imagination and dreams.

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