Kiev Museum of Dreams
K99 presents the course: How to understand Contemporary Art. <br/>art and psychoanalysis

K99 presents the course: How to understand Contemporary Art.
Art and psychoanalysis.

From January 17, 2015, on Saturday at 17:00
new Tatyana Tsvelodub′s course
about Contemporary Art will begin.

"What you always wanted to know about contemporary art, but were afraid to ask".

The course will help to approach and understand the basic directions
of art in XX-th, early XXI-th century through the lens of psychoanalysis.

Hurry to announce participation in course!

The Course consists of 9 Saturday meetings. It lasts from 5 p.m until 8 p.m.
- 2 and a half hours + break for tea talk.
Treat from Museum of Dreams is included.

Want to know more about art, but you′re afraid to get stuck in the excessive volume
and forced memorization of the material?
This course, consisting of 9 meetings - is a good start.

The first 10 registrants will be able to attend a lecture
by the system PWYW (pay what you want).

Apart the audience who are interested in contemporary art, this course is recommended
to curators, film critics, art critics, art historians, historians, sociologists, philosophers,
cultural, psychoanalysts, as well as those who are interested or trained in a field close to
psychoanalysis, or the arts.

Course Topics:

17 January 2015
1 meeting
How to define the role of art from prehistoric times to the present day
31 January 2015
2 meeting
The relationship between psychoanalysis and art. Story of acquaintance
14 February 2015
3 meeting
The relationship between psychoanalysis and art. 20th Century
28 February 2015
4 meeting
Criticism and Analysis: two words with a bad reputation. How we think, or what has brought psychoanalysis in the field of art
14 March 2015
5 meeting
What is the Subject and Object in psychoanalysis and contemporary art practice
28 March
6 meeting
Visual culture and psychoanalysis. Register of the Imaginary
11 April 2015
7 meeting
Language - Speech - Text and Symbolic register
25 April 2015
8 meeting
The register of the Real and Concept "uncanny" in the context of Contemporary Art
23 May 2015
9 meeting
Cinematograph and Psychoanalysis

You can ask your question about the Course here or call:
+38 044 531 97 27
+38 093 473 78 67

On the course you will:

  • learn about the role of psychoanalysis in the development of contemporary art
    and critical thought ages 20-21;
  • learn how to navigate in time periods and styles;
  • you′ll be able to form your own taste in practice and get your opinion about
    Contemporary Art;
  • Learn how to analyze what you see around you; (in museums, exibitions etc.);
  • you′ll be able to speak about Contemporary Art: to describe, to compare, to tell.
  • you′ll open possibility of dialogue with Author and his creating

Original course is entertaining, with the assistance of the actual material, richly illustrated,
gives knowledge good and easy for everyone about Contemporary Art, including
influnce of psychoanalysis on his develompent.

Author of the course - founder of the Dream Museum Tatyana Tsvelodub,
art critic and psychoanalyst.

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