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Contemporary Art. Free Course <br/> V Meeting. Education of Contemporary Art (in Ukraine).

Contemporary Art. Free Course
V Meeting. Education of Contemporary Art (in Ukraine).

Saturday, January 10, 2015, 20:00.
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This Saturday, January 10: group discussion
"Education of Contemporary Art (in Ukraine)".

During the group discussion we will talk about:
- What ways we can learn the art;
- What form of training is better - individual, group,
journeyman, etc.
- Residence, educational projects in Kiev and Ukraine -
do they really prepare artists or simply try to earn;
- Where young artist should go.

Important! If your are coming, then you have to participate

and not only be a passive viewer.

Aim of the discussion - is to share each ones opinion on the given topic.

Preliminary program. What is going to happen:

24 January 2015
About contemporary choreography. Victor Ruban.
7 February 2015
Technological process in contemporary art.
Sound art. Video art. Installation.

We suggest you the new form of education, which includes:
lection, discussion and free pedagogy at the same time.
In this format we discuss different aspects of contemporary art.
Theoretical and practical education of its diversity.

Forget about the old principals of education! You can fall into the stream of collective
education and self-improvement. Everyone can become lector and listener.
All depends on you! Important to know, this form of education requires
organizational skills and a certain form of disciplin.

How meeting is held?
For every next meeting lector and topic are selected
and will be discussed during the meeting. Lection is followed by active discussion.
At the end, participants select topic for the next meeting.

Lections are held twice a month, every Saturday 20:00- 22:00.

Principles of the meetings Contemporary art. Free course

  • Be active in research. Diverse information about the topic,
    do not confuse with simple topic narration.
  • Cooperation and self interest. Project is made together,
    It is very important to get maximum feedback
    from each member.
  • Equal dialogue between each other.
    No constant lector, lector is selected
    among group members for every new meeting
  • Coordination. Discussion of the future lections
    and common activeness.

Meetings are held in terms of the K99 school, of free education form
K99 in Dream Museum
and self education project "Free School"

Curator: Dan Voronov, theater playwrighter, film director
of documentary films, djembe percussion player.

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