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Lecture Civilisation Instruments from the cycle Mind Aesthetics with Vladimir Verloka

Lecture "Civilisation Instruments" from the cycle "Mind Aesthetics"
with Vladimir Verloka

December 17, Wednesday, 2014, 19:00
The lecture "Civilisation Instruments" from the cycle
of lections "Mind Aesthetics" with Vladimir Verloka.

Tickets: 80 UAH.
For students and pensioners: 40 UAH.
(you have to show a document).

Would you like to be beyond the edge of ordinary life perception, involving in such a deep subject as philosophy? Or to change the way you interact with habitually things by changing the angle of foreshortening?

The main aim of the course is not investigation of traditional philosophy, but rather development of skills for independent philosophical thinking in our every day life.

Not trivial philosophy lections with Vladimir Verloka, real philosopher of our time, will help you with that.

Course "Aesthetics Thinking" is an introduction to the classic European philosophy starting from the Socrat times till nowadays, ironic re-mastering of everlasting values. Course was created on the basis of Merab Mamardashvili lections.

The course was developed for those, who studied philosophy quite rare or did not study it at all.

Wednesday, December 17, 2014, 19:00
Lecture "Civilization Instruments"
of the lecture series "Mind Aesthetics".

What determines our identity? How does the behavior mechanism works
at the individual, interpersonal, social and political levels?

The aim of the lecture is to show and reveal the basic symbols of systems and mental
structures. Everyone has his own structure features, implementation of which
becomes formation of identity.

Modern psychology shows that awareness of Mind is not given to us initially, although it is
the basis of personality. That is why the study of iconic structures of civilization sheds light
on the opportunities, means of personal growth and its role in society and history.

However, together with possibilities, civilization creates a number of semantic traps,
taking quite a varied look. Totalitarian ideology and pseudo-patriotism, religious sectarianism,
"TV addiction" - just some examples of them. Understand all these nuances will help us in
philosophy studying and its approach in understanding the usual things for us.

Themes of lections in course programme:

  1. Civilisation Instruments.
  2. Casualties and moment of thinking.
  3. Structures of MYSELF: is it far from psychology to philosophy?
  4. How traditions "work"? Paradoxes of experience

Course lecturer: Vladimir Verloka
The author of fiction and scientific works, a professional translator of English literature, PhD Philosophy. Graduated from Shevchenko National University (Faculty of Philosophy) and postgraduate studies at the Institute of Philosophy.

Freelance reporter and publisher "Spirit and Letter" (NaUKMA). Published in the journals "Multiversium", "Culturology as it is" (St. Petersburg), "Khreschatyk" (St. Petersburg - Frankfurt), "Vinum Vitae" (collection of poems), "Osvobodzenny Ulliss" (poetry anthology) "Rainbow", "Ellipsis", "Politics and culture", "Soty", "Arierguard", as well as in the newspapers "Day", "Kiev Vedomosti", "Kyivlyanyn", "Bookman-review", "Criticism", " Levy Bereg".

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