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Psychoanalysts invite to the meeting, <br/>dedicated to the theme

Psychoanalysts invite to the meeting,
dedicated to the theme "Sexuality and War" .18+

Saturday, November 22, 2014, from 11:00
Tickets: 250 uah
For students up to 22 years and pensioners: 150 uah
(you have to show a document).

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Project "Sexuality and War" is oriented towards people who are interested in and want to supplement their knowledge of the phenomena of sexuality and aggression manifested in our daily lives, as well as the devastation, extreme forms of the war.

Lecture, discussions, questions.

Aggression and sexuality - constant companions of human life, give birth to (a huge impact on) the dramatic conflicts, conflicting desires and misunderstandings between people. Using the psychoanalytical experience, the speakers, from different sides will discuss these phenomena. Our format will give the possibility of discussion and questions rising that are interest to you.

How will the meeting take place?
Participants will hear 9 reports and will be able to ask questions to our speakers. Each analyst prepared a small (15-20 min.) report, which outlined the aim to address the topic of sexuality and / or the war in the psychoanalytic perspective, based not only on the theory of psychoanalysis, but also on their clinical experience.

What topics are reporting?

  1. Psychoanalysis about homosexuality.
  2. Bisexuality: a boy or a girl?
  3. Trembling of the heart, which hurts.
  4. Within the family: love, sex and war.
  5. Stockholm Syndrome.
  6. Teenager on the "warpath."
    Features of deviant behavior.
  7. Separation, loss.
  8. "Caution! Sexy "or" state of emergency
    and the eternal battle ...!"
  9. Why war?

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You′ll find the answers to your questions and maybe you′ll open for yourself unexpected angles of your sexuality, as well as mental sex selection of your children. On attitudes toward the war, loved ones and friends. This finding are very valuable, because it allows you to go beyond the routine relationships and find new ideas and inspiration for your life.

The speakers point to different aspects of the relationship between the emergence of human sexuality and aggression, love and hate in the relationship of couples, parents and children. Tell how our personal history influences the choice of likes and dislikes in the community and give us a reason to take a particular position on the war. What can we oppose the war today, and is it possible to protect yourself from violence? Also, thanks to the reports, you will be able to form an opinion on the work of the psychoanalyst, a psychoanalytic view of human psyche, even if you do not know philosophical and psychoanalytic base terms. In a popular form of the storytelling, it will be possible to find an answers to many questions, that people are interested in.


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