Kiev Museum of Dreams


24, 25, 26 October 2014, from 20:00 till 22:00
Multimedia, photography, graphics, electro-acoustics, porn art,
search of an unusual states of mind.

Entrance: 30 uah.

The main idea of ​​the project - to find unusual states of consciousness through the darkness, electroacoustics, porno-video-art, intuitive graphics and photo of controlled dreaming -
out on the path of not-collective, but individual Utopia. If there is no Utopia on a map,
then why do we need it at all?

The war will not stop until the people would not change the source of their own existence from external drug to the internal oscillator. Consumers too much, and inventors - too little.

Pyramid of the "humanity" project is narrowed to survival, resulting in the displacement
of all the best, progressive: artificial braking, system resistance.

Illusory and the impossibility of verifying the truth of events, as the optimal tool for manipulation of the collectivity.

Artist lock himself in a capsule to carry out his project. All this leads to the displacement
of those who occupy the third position: the state of intuition, pornography, absurd and controlled dreaming.

This is an attempt to find the art of the future that awaits most likely, a dissolution.


October 24
Friday, 20:00 Day I
Ula / Lviv:
project "transgression" [graphics]
Sash.Sushinsky / Donetsk:
"Neck of Buddha" [lecture discussion]
Alexei Retinskiy / Vienna:
"A world without me," 40 * [electroacoustic]
October 25
Saturday, 20:00
Day II
Margarita Polyakovska / Lviv
"Schizophrenic way of the applicant" [Photo]
sustab / Donetsk:
"Hitler, a man with a cigarette
///*** Warhol", 8 * [video]
bumishock / Donetsk:
"Not dogma" [auto, audio text]
Margarita Polyakovska / Lviv
"Antinarkotekst" [auto, audio text]
October 26
Sunday, 20:00
sustab / Donetsk:
"TermenTesla" [electroacoustic]
Quiet bush / Saratov:
"Roald Mandelstam" [video]
Quiet bush / Saratov + Maxim Shalygin
"When it comes to an end, we begin to sing our songs",
55 * [video]

Kiev Museum of Dreams.
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