Kiev Museum of Dreams
Stories about ART

Stories about ART

November 20, 2014, Thurthday, 19:00
Tickets: 40 uah,
For students and pensioners: 20 uah
(you have to show a document).

During the meeting, founder of the Dream Museum Tatiana Tsvelodub,
art historian and psychoanalyst, will narrate how to start your own art exploration and/or to teach your kids.

During the lecture you will discover:

  • how to start discovering the time and style in art;
  • how to start to speak about art: describe, compare and narrate;
  • what has to be considered when you start exploring an art with kids;
  • how to make clear for yourself: what is art, how it was born
    and why is it necessary;
  • how to develop your taste and opinion since childhood;


  • what participants of the course "Stories about art" will learn;
  • describing practical lessons and what are we going to create;

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