Kiev Museum of Dreams
Lecture training: Secrets of Dreams with Maksim Ilyashenko

Lecture-training: Secrets of Dreams with Maksim Ilyashenko

November 9, Sunday, 2014 at 17:00
70 uah,
100 uah per two visitors.
For students and pensioners: 40 uah
(you have to show a document).

What′s happening to me in a dream? How often have you asked yourself
this question, trying to keep in memory elusive dream images.
This question we state for many centuries. But to find the answer is not
so simple: as many cultures, as many opinions.

We invite you to plunge into the world of dreams with Jungian analyst
Maxim Il′yashenko.

Are you familiar with the language of dreams?
At the lecture we will talk about how to work with dreams alone and in a group.

And also:

  • How to start keeping a diary of dreams and what it takes;
  • Art of interaction with our imagination and unconscious;
  • Is it possible to learn how to understand your dreams?

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