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Closing of the exhibition

Closing of the exhibition "Mikrozaklya" by the art group VacciNation

October 12, Sunday, 2014 at 18:00
Entrance: Pay What You Want

Art-group VacciNation invites everyone to the closing of the exhibition "Mikrozaklya". Artists will present a feature film about the journey and the work of art group
in western Ukraine, at the festival "Art Pole".

In the film, you will see a lot of work, which guys have created during the festival,
the process of creating jobs, hitchhiking, adventure, nature, freedom ...

Besides the film:
-You will see a few video clips from recent travels,
the creation of works in different cities, fairs and festivals.
-Will be able to see the last day of the exhibition, the artists, ask questions.
-Spend the evening in an atmosphere of free creativity for everyone.

Join us!

Movie trailer:

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