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PechaKuchaNight vol.11 theme  of the meeting

PechaKuchaNight vol.11 theme of the meeting "About Cinema"

October 30, 2014 at 20:00 at the Museum of Dreams will take place
PechaKuchaNight vol.11 on "About Cinema".

Feature of the PechaKucha, is that stories are divided
as professionals and amateurs. What unites us all - love
for what we do and what we want to share.

In the PechaKucha 20x20 format we hear such stories:

  • Garment in Movies without time - Sveta Ostrovskaja
  • Cinemas Of Kyiv - Sergei Zlenko
  • Suitcase of Money and other real heroes in movies - Horushko Denis
  • Funny stories about serious topics - Chuvakova Alexander
  • Arthouse as a source of inner peace - Olga Larina
  • Tone of the ensemble cast - Brovchenko Alexander
  • Internet-technologies guard filmgoers - Vytyaganets Andrew

Read more about the stories and their authors (in Russian)

This is only the beginning. If you have something to share you,
post your story here.

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