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Evolution of psychoanalytical psychosis concept. <br/>Psychosis masquerade in modern life.

Evolution of psychoanalytical psychosis concept.
Psychosis masquerade in modern life.

Saturday July 26, 2014, 15:00
The seminar by Yuri Volnyh

Admission: 200 uah
Prepaid ticket by 21 July 2014: 180 uah

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This workshop will illuminate the history and evolution of the psychoanalytical conception of the understanding of "psychosis" from works of Freud and Lacan
to modern psychoanalytic currents (pluralization Name of the Father,
and stimulated invention). During the seminar, we will see a result on society
of paternal imago degradation; touch on modern psychoses masks: psychosis
ordinaire, erotomania, delusional anorexia, adults′ autism, etc.

The seminar includes reflection of "psychotic" discourse in contemporary art,
film, science and medicine. How schizophrenic delusions become the prototype
of innovations in modern times. We will high light modern alternative forms
of work with "psychotic" in institutions and individually.

The theoretical material will be supported by clinical vignettes of personal
clinical experience and the work of the European psychoanalysts. Discussion
is welcome. Possible supervision of clinical cases.

Yuri Volnyh - practicing psychiatrist, psychoanalyst, corresponding member
of the New Lacanian School of Psychoanalysis, acting president of the French Psychoanalytical Association "The Freudian Field".

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